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  1. Bird Exclusion & Habitat Modification: We provide services to safely and effectively keep birds away from your property. This includes installing bird netting, spikes, wire systems, and other exclusion methods.
  2. Bird Trapping: Our team of highly trained technicians is equipped to safely and humanely remove birds from hard to reach areas.
  3. Bird Deterrents & Repellents: We provide a wide range of bird deterrents and repellents that are safe and effective for keeping birds away from your property.
  4. Bird Cleanup & Sanitation: We offer services for safe and effective bird fecal and nesting removal to ensure a safe, clean environment.
  5. Bird Damage Repair: We provide services to repair bird-caused damage to buildings and structures.
  6. Bird Monitoring & Population Control: We offer bird monitoring and population control services to help ensure birds don’t become a nuisance or damage your property.
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Contacting Orchard Bird Control is a great way to get help with protecting your residential or commercial property from birds. They specialize in providing bird control solutions that are tailored to your specific building or property needs. With their years of experience, they can help you design a plan to keep birds away from your residential or commercial property. They also offer a variety of products to help you protect your property, such as bird netting, bird spikes, and bird trapping. With the help of Orchard Bird Control, you can rest assured that your orchard is protected. We look forward to hearing from you!